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Here at Zoganic, we believe in three things: taste, health, and quality. It all started a few years ago.

Curing Katie

Doctors Couldn't Save Her...So Dad Did

Our founder, Zev had a 3-year old daughter at the time, who happened to be hospitalized for 3 days due to a severe stomach ache. As a 3-year-old, the little girl coudln’t bare to swallow pills and the medicine was overwhelming.

Doctors couldn’t help and dad quickly became frustrated. He desperately sought a solution day and night, after much research he discovered a way to heal her. That scary experience put him into action, and thats how Zoganic FruitZips were born. He created a genuine , simple and natural way to heal her. It restored her life, energy and reversed her nutritional imbalances almost overnight, eliminating her discomfort, helped her overcome the condition and healed her body back to 100%.

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