Zev Upsell #3 - Orange Immunity

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Did you know… The CDC says nearly 56,000 people die from the flu each year? In fact, the flu mainly kills children since their immune systems aren't fully developed and functioning.

1 Weird Ingredient Kills Colds

Doctors and scientists are calling this 100% natural formula an effective way to boost your immune system helping prevent common colds, and even the flu.

This natural formula is packed with herbs, minerals, vitamins and fruit-based nutrients to help fight colds for you so you aren't sick for days, or even weeks at a time.

We bottled up this cold killer to help you avoid getting sick!

Look, don't listen to what I'm saying...

See it directly from the happy customers:

Did you know you’d have to eat 37 oranges per day to get the same amount of Vitamin C and Potassium…

PLUS don’t forget the price of eating 37 oranges per day is ridiculous…

and I won’t even go into the fact that most oranges nowadays lack the nutritional value they are supposed to have due to commercial farming practices…

At my local grocery store, if I bought 17 oranges… that would cost me around $12.75 per day which is $382.50 per month!!!

Yes, you heard that right... Almost $400 to protect you!

It should be criminal to cost that much to fight against and help prevent colds...

Are you tired of feeling sick several times throughout the year?

Do you have to take important time off from work?

Do you simply want to look and feel your best 24/7/365?


The Magical Formula Includes:

Ingredient #1 - Organic Hibiscus Powder

Do you want to look and feel younger? If you said YES then you'll love to know that Hibiscus powder contains the most powerful anti-aging plant actives which firm and lift skin.

PLUS: Hibiscus aids in reducing high blood pressure, and may increase your lifespan by promoting good overall health.

Ingredient #2 - Organic Goji Berry

Goji Berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since around 200 B.C.

This highly researched and popular "superfruit" boosts energy levels, fights depression and anxiety, and stabilizes blood sugar.

Plus, Goji berries contains a high source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ingredient #3 - Beet Root

Beet Root is well known for lowering blood pressure and helping prevent and reduce dementia.

Beet Root is also a good source of iron, which helps with blood flow. This may decrease the risk of obesity, overall mortality, diabetes, and heart disease.

And MUCH, MUCH More...

You Deserve Nature's Bodyguard To Protect You From Getting Sick!

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