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360 degrees rotation Touch Sensitive Control 3 Bright LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Neck for Book Reading

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Price: $23.98
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Even more goodness

Help maintain low blood pressure and heart rate

May help promote immune system

Help maintain eyesight

Nourishes the good bacteria in your gut and promotes bowel health

Breaks down sugar, starches, proteins, and fat

May break down a wide variety of protein types in a range of both acid and alkaline environments

Product Description

Eye-Friendly LED Panel: Enjoy a uniform flicker-free light beam that won't fatigue your eyes even after long hours of use, studying, double touches medium and three touches the strongest. to meet your needs in different light environments.

Energy-Efficient LED Technology: Achieve the same level of illumination while saving up to 75 precent of energy compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs

Sleek and Elegant Build: Enjoy a universally beautiful construction that will easily fit in any environment

Vision Care 

Our LED provides uniform, flicker-free, and ghost-free lighting that is pleasant and comfortable for your eyes. Even after long hours of use, your eyes will feel less fatigued than with traditional types of lighting. 

Adjustable Lighting 

As a modern LED lamp, you can fine tune the brightness for your ideal illumination. Simply tap the control panel to turn the light on or off or slide it adjust the brightness with 3 different lighting levels. 


Our LED is a new generation of eco-friendly LED lighting for your home or office. As an LED it consumes 75% less power than traditional incandescent lights, while providing the same amount of light. This means a smaller electricity bill and a smaller carbon footprint. 

Good material 

Silica gel lamp pole, bend lamp pole arbitrarily, illuminate with 360 degrees rotation. 


Dimming mode: Touch sensor, 3 levels dimmer 

Color temperature: 5800K-6200K 

Rated power: 3W 

Rated voltage: DC 5V 

Rated current: 1A 

Lighting hours: 4-6 hour 

Battery capacity: 1200MA 

Beam angle: 360adjustable 

Light brightness: 2101 lm 

Whats In the Box: 

Led Desk Lamp*1 

USB Charging Cable*1