Berry- Multi vitamin 1 pack

Berry- Multi vitamin 1 pack

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MULTI FOR OVERALL HEALTH WELNESS: Rich in zinc and iron, the multivitamin powder will give you the essential vitamins and nutrients required by the body for proper functioning. It includes B and C vitamins as well as fruits including pomegranate, strawberry, berry powders, apple and beetroot. It is known to improve physical and mental conditions, prevent deficiency and reduce stress.


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  • • Delicious Organic Fruit
  • • Nothing Artificial Added
  • • Organic Probiotics to Nourish
  •   The "Good Bacteria" in our Gut
  • • May help promote immune system & eye sight
  • • Maintains nerves and red blood cells health
  • • Helps maintain bowel health
  • • May break down a wide variety of protein types
  •   in a range of both acid and alkaline environments
  • • Break down sugar, starches, proteins and fat
  • • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • • Helps maintain how blood pressure
  •   and heart rate
  • • Low in calories


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